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Here are the Tarot-Scopes by Sun Sign for the month of January.  For this feature, I am using traditional Western Sun signs of the zodiac, but if you’re curious what your Vedic Astrology Sun sign is, check out the Vedic Astrology Sun Signs page and compare.  If your Vedic Sun sign is different than your traditional Western sign, you might even see how both of the energies listed below could apply to you – or perhaps one may be more prominent for you than the other.

Keep in mind that a single card pulled for a given sign will not represent everything you experience during the month.  It is a significant theme of the month that you will probably see or relate to in one way or another. But it’s not the sum of the whole.  It is, however, one important aspect or theme that the Tarot wants to bring to the attention of each Sun Sign.

This month, I am using the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck (Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Edition) by Stuart Kaplan, published in 2009 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


ARIES: Wheel of Fortune
The winds of change are blowing favorably in your direction, Aries!  Now is the time to take a chance or a well-calculated risk.  Take a chance and spin that wheel.  In doing so, you can allow for beneficial change in your life.  This doesn’t mean to gamble haphazardly or without any care in the world, but the Wheel is letting you know that some big changes are underway that can send you in a positive direction.  One cycle is ending, and another is beginning.  Roll with the changes, and see how they can benefit you.

The lesson of the Wheel is that life will always hold both ups and downs.  If we only had good times, we would become less appreciative of what we have.  Difficult times offer the contrast and perspective we need in order to recognize our blessings and good times.  A positive change is on the way for you, Aries.  Welcome it, embrace it, and appreciate it fully!


TAURUS:  3 of Pentacles
Pay attention to the details this month, Taurus.  Do a good job in all your undertakings so that you will have reason to be proud.  This is a great time to combine creativity, talent, and teamwork to create something meaningful in your world.  Things are shaping up to be a productive month with the 3 of Pentacles energy on your side.

More will get accomplished if you work with others this month – no need to go solo!  Groups and communities may be highlighted. Take part in group events or community.  Build and grow with others, as something with meaning can be created.  Things feel solid with this energy, and you’re making it!



GEMINI:  10 of Pentacles
Family values and traditions are the forefront for you this month, Gemini.   Focus on stability and security, and appreciate all that you are blessed with – especially the people you love!  Abundance is at your fingertips, and while this may come in the form of some monetary compensation or material resource, it’s also going to come from the solidity of your family life.  You may be completing one cycle or phase and getting ready to embark upon a new one, and this cycle can positively influence you on an economic level.

Be supportive of your family.  Show them that you care by offering the help and support that you can.  Spend time with your loved ones, and be generous with those who need you.  The rewards of doing so will be felt by those you assist as well as yourself.  This month offers you a wonderful feeling of security and truly being “at home” and content with what you have – and with whatever you are creating as well.  This month may bring an opportunity for you to enjoy some of the finer things in life with those who are important to you.  It’s a time of feeling like you are finally getting ahead and knowing that you are going to make it.


CANCER:  The Devil
Beware of temptations, bad habits, or potential addictions this month, Cancer.  The Devil suggests that something (or someone) may be holding you back.  You may feel bound to something that you know you no longer want and that does not serve your best interests.  Yet at the same time, you may be afraid to remove those chains.

With that said, know that the chains are definitely in your own control.  It’s a matter of being “easier said than done” to take off those restrictive chains, but you are the one who holds the power to do it.  Examine your addictions or restrictions at this time.  Is it food, a negative attitude, issues with substance abuse, a negative relationship, or some other unhealthy situation that ties you down and limits your potential?  Identify and admit what is dragging you down or what you literally feel like you’ve become a slave to.  It’s time to slay those dragons, Cancer, because the longer you stay in their web of control, the more powerless you will become through time.  Acknowledge how you got in this position in the first place . . . and what it’s going to take to get out of it.  And most importantly . . . are you willing to release this limiting and unhealthy factor in your life?  It’s really up to you!


LEO:  Reversed Tower
This month may find you picking up the pieces of a difficult situation, Leo.   But the worst is over; it’s just a matter of putting things back together again.  However, don’t try to resurrect what has fallen apart.  You need to focus on building something new.  You wouldn’t try to use burned and broken materials to build something solid, so don’t expect that you could successfully recycle what hasn’t worked.  It’s time to just let it go and start fresh.

The Reversed Tower ushers in changes, but at this point, it’s probably no longer a big shock or surprise.  At least by now, you probably know what is changing and how you need to let go.  The process of change is already in motion . . . but trying to stop it or redirect it at this point could result in further chaos. The way forward is through acceptance of what has happened. Look at things as they are.  Work through your present difficulties, and have the courage to start anew.  Consider, too, that these changes can actually be liberating, depending on how you choose to look at it.


VIRGO:  King of Cups
You may be called upon to be a good listener this month.  A loved one or a close friend may need your compassion and love.  Be willing to lend emotional support, as someone who needs some guidance is likely looking up to you as their role model.  If you are in need of some support, the King of Cups indicates that it will be there for you.  Love and compassion vibrate strongly this month.

This King serves as a reminder that there is someone who cares about you.  Let love and kindness rule your words and actions, as this is far better than tensions, argument, and stress.  Enjoy this first month in the brand new year, because it can bring you some very satisfying things.  Contentment and love rule the month for you, Virgo.  Your happiness is the key to being alive.  Laugh, love, smile and bring pleasure into your life and the lives of others.  For living in joy is far better than merely existing.


LIBRA:  3 of Swords
The 3 of Swords may throw you one of those nasty curve balls that you hadn’t planned for or expected this month, Libra.  This can involve a sense of betrayal, abandonment, separation, or heartbreak.  In some way, a situation can be deeply disappointing and sorrowful.  Thus, this card appears to offer you a valuable warning that something could be amiss in your life.  If you pay attention and don’t ignore the signs, you could potentially alleviate some of the misery that is attached to this 3 of Swords energy.  Don’t get caught looking the other way.  Acknowledge an issue, even if it’s painful to do so.  Ignoring something will not benefit you.

You could get your feelings hurt or hurt someone else’s feelings, so be aware of how words can cut deeply and cannot be taken back once delivered. Use any disappointments as stepping stones, and if you feel rejected or abandoned by someone, remember that rejection is God’s protection.  You are being challenged to rise above past attachments and any coinciding fears and look at what can still be . . . instead of trying to look at “what could have been.”  It’s time to confront your pain and difficult feelings in order to get to the heart of the matter that is troubling you.  This is probably something you can no longer safely ignore, Libra.  Consider also what needs released and severed in your life, even though this can be a painful process.


SCORPIO:  2 of Wands
You may be reaching a crossroads of some kind at this time, Scorpio, and making a choice about your next steps or direction will require some thought and planning.  While you may feel that you’re ready to just dive right into something . . . have you created a plan or a strategy yet?  The 2 of Wands suggests that before moving forward, you need to have a plan in order to create a situation where you can expect to see your ships come in.

Even if you feel like you don’t have “time” to create a plan, and you just want to get on with it already . . . this card assures you that you can’t afford not to take some time to understand what you’re doing and where you’re heading.  This energy can represent a temporary delay period in your course or journey, but use this time wisely, and it will pay off for you.  The world is in your hands, so to speak, so make use of this energy to your advantage.  While you don’t get immediate gratification with the 2 of Wands, the rewards will come in due time if you follow a plan of action.  Contemplate and plan your best course of action. Remember to look at the big picture when weighing decisions. Your ideas have much potential, but there is going to be more work to be done in order to bring those ideas into reality. Be patient as you follow your vision.

SAGITTARIUS:  10 of Cups
Family love and happiness are there for you, Sagittarius.  Whatever your rainbow of desire might be, it’s going to be there for you – and it feels mighty fine!  During this month, you will reach a level of success, and this comes, in part, due to the support that you receive from those who are close to you.  You may find yourself completing something of importance and beginning yet another new and rewarding phase in your journey.  You are so blessed!  So remember to be thankful for the people around you who play a part in making great things happen in your life.  In some way, the contributions of others will help you pull things together successfully.

This card is about finding genuine happiness and satisfaction in your life, in whatever form that may take for you personally.  It’s about reaching the place where dreams finally come true!  There is an atmosphere of security, stability, protection, emotional support, love, and harmony.  It can be one of the best experiences you’ve had in a long time.  You deserve it, Sagittarius!  Enjoy!


CAPRICORN:  The Empress
Love, harmony, and abundance are the vibrations that echo strongly for you this month, Capricorn.  This can be a fertile and creative time for you.  The Empress suggests harmonious and fulfilling relationships that will be a part of your world this month.  There will be pleasures to enjoy and the opportunity to nurture and also be nurtured by someone else.  Creativity brings something into reality.  See what you can create this month.  It doesn’t have to be complex – it can be simple.  But whatever it is, it will exist because you cared enough to bring it into reality.

While you’ve been so busy tending to the needs of others and your home life, don’t forget to take care of yourself as well!  Give yourself some pampering, and tend to your needs so that you can be at your best for the loved ones who rely on you.  Express your creative side.  Love and nurture a project to fruition.  Do something you love today.


AQUARIUS:  8 of Swords
Are you feeling stuck, Aquarius?  The 8 of Swords suggests that, while you may feel trapped or limited on some level, there is a way out!  But first, you have to open your eyes and take a good look at the choices which can set you free.  Such choices might not be easy to make, but the only way out is to go through.  You can’t turn back time and go backwards, nor can you go sideways.  The only option is to move forward, and once you let yourself see things for what they are . . . you might see that it’s not as bad as you initially let yourself believe.

Aquarius, if you are simply hoping that someone else will “rescue” you and make things better . . . please realize that the only one you can really count on to rescue you . . . is yourself!  You’ve got to be your own hero this time around. It’s up to you to make the moves that will liberate you from whatever has you feeling confined at this time.  Work through any fears that hold you back so that you can finally set yourself free.  It’s going to be better when YOU decide to make some new choices and make it all better.  Perhaps the very thing that you’re afraid of is the very thing that can save you or get you out of a rut!  Events probably aren’t your worst problem . . . but your reaction to them is!


PISCES:  4 of Wands
This month brings a reason for you to celebrate, Pisces.  Whether such event is a big one or a small one, it’s still something to feel good about – and even to celebrate if you wish!  The energy here brings you a sense of happy times and stability.  There is or will be reason to rejoice.

You may be reaching an important milestone in your personal journey, and this will be a time to pause and enjoy the results, if not an actual celebration of your arrival and completion.  You may either be finishing something important that is proving to be successful with this energy, or there is evidence that you are well on your way, even if additional work is required to cross the finish line.  The end zone is certainly in sight, and you can see how your efforts are paying off.  This energy represents a time of happiness, reward, enjoyment, fruition, comfort, productivity . . . and even “happy endings.”  Life is good, Pisces!


Many Blessings,

Velvet Angel



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