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Each week, I pull a card from a random Tarot deck to bring us a message or piece of wisdom that we can think about or use in our lives on some level – if not now, we can refer back to it when it seems to be more fitting for us.  This is food for thought, and not drawn for any one particular person or situation.

For this week’s message, I have drawn from the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies deck by Mark McElroy and Eldar Minibaev.  Deck published in 2010 by Lo Scarabeo.

 This Week’s Wisdom Message . . .

Two of Spears (Wands)
The keywords of this card are “Options” and “Decisions.”  Traditionally, we see this card as one in which we are in a time of waiting or pausing as we ponder what our next action will be.  And during this time, there are some options to explore and some decisions to make.  Two is  number of choice, duality, balance, and debate.  So this week, you may need to make a decision that will influence what you’ll do next . . . and ultimately where this choice will lead you.

In this card, we see a fairy customer who is seeking the woodworker for a spear.  Two expertly crafted spears are presented to this fairy, and either one would be a good choice.  On page 102 of the guidebook, it tells us, “We tend to prolong this moment – the debate prior to the decision – despite the fact that, on some level, the decision has already been made.”  This is the part of us that always wants to make the “best” choice possible.  We don’t want to make a choice, only to decide a couple of days later, that we wished we had opted for the other choice that was available to us.  That is human nature to deliberate on choices – even if they happen to be equally good choices in front of us.

In your gut instinct though, you may have already formed a decision about something.  But now you have to decide for sure if that’s the direction you will actually take.  This can be a time of pondering as you contemplate the alternatives available to you.  This card indicates that it’s time to make a choice.  Once you decide, you can take the action that will allow your ships to come in.  But until you make a decision about something this week, things probably won’t be moving much, if at all.

Think about what is best for you and others when making a choice.  Consider what it is that you really want among the options available.  And consider WHY you want it – as the “why” element can help move you to the right decision.  Once you finally make a choice, you’ll end the agony of decision-making.  It’s great to have choices, but it’s not always easy to make a particular choice when multiple options are possible.  You may have a debate within yourself as to the pros and cons of each choice, but that’s okay – it’s a part of helping you narrow down what you really want and need.  And once the decision is made, you can find balance again.  That choice may be the missing element for you right now, and it’s needed in order that you can make progress or accomplish a bigger goal.

What choices are you facing this week?  What choices are necessary in order to get things moving once again?  And which things, among your available choices, will help you move closer to your own ships coming in with the reward you seek?  Listen to your gut instinct, because the voice of intuition is not reserved only for the water element cards.  When it comes to choices, sometimes we need to rely on our intuition to determine what is really best for us above all other possibilities that are trying to get our attention.

Affirmation:  Through the choices I make, I influence the direction of my life.

Many Blessings!

Velvet Angel


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