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Each week, I pull a card from a random Tarot deck to bring us a message or piece of wisdom that we can think about or use in our lives on some level – if not now, we can refer back to it when it seems to be more fitting for us.  This is food for thought, and not drawn for any one particular person or situation.

For this week’s message, I have drawn from the Cosmic Tarot deck.
Deck by Norbert Losche; © 1998 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

This Week’s Wisdom Message . . .

The Sun
Despite that Mercury is Retrograde all week long – and then some! – the Sun tells us that we can still find joy in our experiences this week.  This is actually a lucky card to represent the main theme for this new week.  A lot more may go your way than you expected, and if something has been less-than-desirable, things can work out for you.  Troubled times see a turn for the better under the energy and direction of the Sun!  So no matter what kind of clouds may try to dim the light of your picture in life . . . the Sun is always still there and waiting to break through once again.

The energy this week offers you the initiative and the motivation to keep striving for your goals and dreams.  Be aware of all the good things in your life – the blessings of good friends, family, good health, and fortunate times.  Draw upon that goodness to inspire your future success.

The joy, warmth, and happiness of Sun energy can also be shared with others to help give them a lift and light their way, too.  This week is designed to be all about happiness, blessings, success, fun, and freedom or liberation.  So if you’ve felt trapped in some kind of challenging circumstance, the Sun can liberate you from those conditions during this week.

Let your playful side come out and explore the world around you.  This is a time where you can reconnect with your inner child . . . and have fun!  You may experience a positive change in some area of your life. A new beginning or opportunity could be presented, and it’s the kind that delights you and makes you feel grateful.  The tone for this week is shown to be optimistic, exuberant, and creative.

If you feel that you’ve been “in the dark” about some matter, the Sun suggests that you will be coming “into the light” with awareness.  The Sun is a card of awareness and illumination, so you may become more aware of the potentials you have in a particular situation.  The appearance of the Sun is an assurance that there will be good things in your life to enjoy this week. So just make sure that you place your focus on them, because while it may be easier to focus on the clouds of some issue that constantly plague us . . . if we spend all our time dwelling in self-pity or negativity, then we are missing the brilliance of the Sun.  Don’t miss the point of what goodness is about in your life this week – don’t miss what is there and is good.  Appreciate it, and more of the desired things are sure to come!

Here’s wishing you a week filled with the glory of Sunshine – happiness, warmth, joy, and all good things :)

Many Blessings,

Velvet Angel


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