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Each week, I pull a card from a random Tarot deck to bring us a message or piece of wisdom that we can think about or use in our lives on some level – if not now, we can refer back to it when it seems to be more fitting for us.  This is food for thought, and not drawn for any one particular person or situation.

For this week’s message, I have drawn from the FairyTale Tarot deck.

Deck by Karen Mahoney; Artwork by Irena Triskova
© 2005 Magic Realist Press

This Week’s Wisdom Message . . .

Knight of Cups
This week, Mercury Retrograde finally comes to an end – on April 4th.  So while we still have this planetary influence to deal with for a few more days, the Knight of Cups assures us that, overall, it can still be a good week.  With this Knight, it’s safe to open up your emotions and let others know what you are feeling.  Pay attention to what your intuition has to say and let it guide you.

The focus this week is on good friends, social connections, and opportunities to travel or get away from the routine environment.  It’s a time to branch out and try something different . . . especially if you can do it with someone you really care about.  Whether single or committed, focus on your inner feelings, creative instincts, and what it is that makes you happy.  Focus on what you have to offer in the way of assets to any kind of relationship — and what you want to receive in return.

With the Knight of cups, a new source of emotional support may come to you — perhaps at a time when you really need that.  This form of assistance might be something you feel has been lacking.  If nothing else, this energy of caring and compassion may come through some thoughtful and sympathetic advice from someone who is willing to lend you an ear.  Someone may help you move toward happier goals . . . or toward a greater opportunity for real joy.  You are encouraged to experience fun and a chance to “play” at this time.  Let your creative talents come to the surface as well.  This energy can show the sudden development of a creative project or opportunity, or new emotional strength that steers you toward a desired goal.  There is some kind of positive development that you can really feel good about, even if things have not been going well lately.

This Knight tells us that we can expect positive change of some kind, because things are looking up.  You may find a fresh start and new level of experience that is positive and welcome in your life.  Even if it seems that there is some mystery surrounding developments at this time, know that it’s something positive in the making.  It’s not necessary to have every single fact just yet.  With Knight energy, things can be changeable before we finally see the real results, but this is a card that propels things into action . . . and that action is very much associated with positive emotions and feelings of contentment.

You may find yourself more cheerful and optimistic as you engage in activities that are fun.  You may be laughing more . . . and laughter is certainly very good medicine!  You may receive an invitation, opportunity, proposal, or an offer that you are delighted with.

Listen to the whispers of your creative dreams, fantasies, or daydreams.  In a swirl of new beginnings, you may find a way to draw these dreams closer to you.  Make a wish, and then consider that the image of that wish is life’s way of urging you to make it come true.

Many Blessings,

Velvet Angel


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