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Each week, I pull a card from a random Tarot deck to bring us a message or piece of wisdom that we can think about or use in our lives on some level – if not now, we can refer back to it when it seems to be more fitting for us.  This is food for thought, and not drawn for any one particular person or situation.

For this week’s message, I have drawn from the Simply Deep Tarot deck.

Deck by Chanel Bayless; Artwork by James Battersby
© 2012 Schiffer Books

This Week’s Wisdom Message . . .

This week can usher in some karmic influences.  We are asked to take responsibility for our choices and actions.  What we do today (or don’t do) will, on some level, influence our tomorrows.  So Justice is pointing out that there will be consequences or rewards for the things we choose to do or not do.  We must all take responsibility for our own behavior – and not try to blame something or someone else for what results from that.

If you are dealing with legal matters during this time, Justice indicates that the matter will likely be settled favorably for you.  The appearance of this card can bring about contracts or legal documents that need your signature.  With Justice upright, things tend to be fairly balanced – or the actions and decisions made now will help to ensure a fair balance in the near future.

If something has been chaotic or unbalanced in your world, Justice suggests that you may reach an equitable agreement or compromise on some issue.  Decisions now should be made without prejudice, bias, or preconceptions.  Strive for harmony in your situations this week.  Put issues in their proper perspective, and be willing to listen to opposing points of view.  You need to hear both sides of a story, not just one side.  And from there, you can form fair judgments or conclusions.

Listening to all sides of a story does not mean you have to be in agreement with all sides, but it’s the fair way to decide.  So gather all the input and use that information to come to fair conclusions.  Mutual understandings and agreements can be reached.

This is a time to conduct yourself with honesty.  There is clarity to help you break through any illusions or deceptions.  Look objectively at an issue and see what is really there — not just what you want to see.  You are able to work cooperatively in situations and bring equilibrium to what is out of balance or misaligned.  You might also be finding closure on some important issue in your life.

Stand up for yourself and for what you believe.  Have the courage of your convictions.  Strive to treat everyone fairly, yourself included, and the scales will always tip in your favor.  Truth and justice will prevail, whether karmic, moral, ethical, or legal, and you will get what you deserve.

Many Blessings,

Velvet Angel


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