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Last Sunday, I had the honor of participating in a panel discussion with Beyond Worlds.  We discussed boundaries in the tarot business.  If you missed that show, you can listen to the archive here:–special-panel-discussion

Let me introduce you to the panelists who participated for this special show, along with links to where you can find this great group of fellow tarot professionals:

The show is packed with lots of ideas regarding boundaries, so if you are a tarot reader who finds yourself struggling with establishing – and enforcing – boundaries, this show is for you!

Currently, we are discussing the possibility of doing an addition to this show, as there was so much more we could have talked about, but simply didn’t have time.  But so much was fantastically covered in the 90-minute presentation.  Everyone had something of value to contribute.

Today’s article stems from an enlightening 2-card boundary spread, which you can find on Donnaleigh’s blog at:

I wanted to share with you what I drew from this boundary spread, and if you are a reader, I encourage you to do this reading for yourself and find out what Tarot has to say to you about your boundaries and how you can establish them most effectively.

Draw 2 cards from your favorite tarot deck and ask:

1) Define boundary as it pertains to me.

2) How can I best establish my own personal boundaries?

I used the Crystal Visions Tarot deck for this reading.

Card 1:  Define boundary as it pertains to me.

As boundaries pertains to me, the Queen of Cups shows me that because I have always been such a generous person with a soft heart, I very much need to have boundaries in place so that I am not manipulated and taken advantage of.  I easily feel sorry for people, and I easily feel their pain – sometimes as if it is my own pain.  In the past, that made it too easy to just drop the boundaries and give in to freely offer my help – even at my own detriment!

But this Queen shows me that boundaries are also about love – for others and for myself.  And sometimes “tough love” must be a part of it, just like when it comes to dealing with children.  Boundaries can specify love for the self, and also self-respect.  Boundaries help me to detach emotionally – just enough to be objective and stand my ground, but not in the way of detaching so much that I have no compassion.

The Queen of Cups is indeed filled with great love and compassion.  But to love and respect yourself, you must uphold boundaries.  The maturity of the Queen suggests that I can help others with a compassionate and gentle touch, but it doesn’t mean that, in the process, I should avoid the responsibility of those boundaries for myself.  For that would not be self-love.

I think it was very difficult for me to establish solid boundaries for the longest time.  And it’s only within the past 2 to 3 years that I have done so more firmly.  With the Queen of Cups, I can see the emotional side and the reason why it was harder for me to be tougher when needed.  But fortunately, I now see that the Tarot shows me that boundaries can still be a loving expression to promote respect and goodness between myself and others.  Boundaries are not mean or stingy . . . they are about promoting love for others and the self.

Card 2:  How can I best establish my own personal boundaries?

Interestingly, the 7 of Wands is a card of boundaries, and it clearly shows me that I must take a stand and be firm or assertive as needed.  I will be called upon to continually defend those boundaries.  In fact, I had to do so today yet again.  But I found a way to lovingly suggest an alternative even though I would not honor an expired free gift certificate.

This is about handling myself in a responsible way – and not letting others walk on me as I did at one point in my career.  I must defend these boundaries, because this is about standing up for what I value and not settling for less than I want and deserve.  I must have the courage of my convictions and the integrity to follow through.  I cannot be wishy-washy about it.  I must be firm.

Thus, the 7 of Wands shows me that I must continually be “on my own side” and do what is best for me and my business.  I can’t just take a backseat when it comes to boundaries.  I have to get in front of the firing line and be firm and strong – even when the Queen of Cups emotion wants me to do something else.  I am responsible for taking control through boundaries and defending those, and the 7 of Wands tells me that this will ensure I don’t let myself get pushed around.

Not only must I have boundaries, but I must enforce them.  For it does little good to “have” a boundary if that is not enforced and followed through.  With the Queen of Cups card and the 7 of Wands, the Tarot asks me, “Do you love yourself enough to take a stand when needed?”  And my answer is, “Yes, I do!”

Velvet Angel
(a.k.a. Sharon)

P.S.  Many thanks to Donnaleigh for sharing this spread!

How do boundaries play a role in your general life and in your career or business life?  Feel free to share or discuss your thoughts on boundaries.


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