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Please keep in mind that this is general information, and it could not possibly describe every single person under an individual sign. 

I’ve used the All Hallows Tarot deck this month – a fun deck by Robyn Tisch-Hollister for the month of Halloween.



9 of Discs + 3 of Swords

October 2013 Tarot ForecastWhile you have a lot to be thankful for this month, Aries, there may be one thing that you can’t have or that simply isn’t working out.  And this one thing can cause a lot of heartache.  It could be in matters of love, or it could be about something else.  But either way, this kind of upset can cause you to overlook what is still good around you. 

Set healthy boundaries.  Not everyone needs access to your life and the things you can offer.  If you’re starting to feel weary and used up due to others repeatedly asking you for something, then it’s time to say “no.”  You’ve worked hard to get what you have, and others can do the same if they want things in life.  Don’t dwindle and waste your resources on the folks who aren’t even willing to help themselves. 

Additionally, if you find yourself on the other side of things, take time to appreciate what you have rather than comparing yourself and your status to that of others.  These kinds of comparisons only lead to needless disappointment – because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of someone’s life, no matter what you see on the surface!



8 of Wands + Reversed Hermit 

October 2013 Tarot ForecastWhoa, Taurus!  You need to slow it down a bit!  You’re racing against the wind, and you’re moving quickly, but you may be going so fast that you fail to see how you could be repeating mistakes of the past!  Ego-driven endeavors could propel you to do something you’ll regret. 

Have you taken a plan with you as you jumped into action?  Or are you diving in head first with the only plan to think about it all later?  Refusing to listen to your inner guidance (or the wise guidance of someone else) can be costly.  Learn your lessons.

Pull back and take a good look at what you are doing.  You may need to change course . . . or else there could be some undesirable consequences to deal with later.  It’s time to use your wisdom . . . not your ego, dear Taurus.



Knight of Discs + 3 of Discs  

October 2013 Tarot ForecastTaking your time and getting it right the first time will be your most productive approach, Gemini.  Stay rooted with your feet on the ground, because a practical and responsible mindset will serve you very well this month.  Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of drama to contend with at this time.  You can enjoy a sense of security and order in your world. 

You will also have reason to take pride in the work you’re doing, including shared projects or assignments with others.  Be willing to combine the ideas of others with your own, and know that you’ll have a better and stronger end result through combined efforts.

Your biggest successes and accomplishments this month will happen through working with others – rather than going solo.  Don’t hide your talents away; let them shine.  Acknowledge your skills, talents, and efforts as well as the talents of others. 



3 of Swords + Strength 

October 2013 Tarot ForecastAww, Cancer, something hurts this month.  An achy breaky heart will have trouble finding solace due to a severance or a loss.  Hurt feelings and sadness may be present.  You may learn something that you would prefer not having to know about at all.  This can apply to you directly, or it may be someone to whom you are very close who is going through an emotionally painful ordeal. 

It’s not much of a consolation prize when you know that at least things are aired and in the open now.  You’re no longer in the dark about something, even if you wish you were.  Still, it really is better to know than to not know in this situation.

You’re going to need to connect with your inner strength to let go and move past whatever painful thing has been thrown at you, Cancer.  Tap into that power so that you can come to terms with your issues and take responsibility for your own life and happiness.  You will get through this, even if it doesn’t seem so in the moment of great upset.



Knight of Swords + The Sun 

October 2013 Tarot ForecastA lot is going on this month, Leo, and you may be in a hurry to get things done – or you’re on a mission to accomplish something that is important to you.

It’s a time for getting straight to the point with no beating around the bush.  This can make you seem a little harsher or more abrupt than you really mean, so try to be conscious of how you are coming across to the people that matter to you. 

At the end of the day, when nothing gets in your way and nothing stops you, the Sun greets you with good times and happiness.  The goal will be worth the effort to get there.  So Leo . . . let the good times roll!



The Devil + 3 of Cups 

October 2013 Tarot ForecastTemptations are in the air, Virgo – beware!  You may find yourself stuck in a habit or situation that you feel you can’t break out of.  You’re unhappy with how things are, but you may feel that you are unable to change anything.  Something is easier said than done!  And this is because you’ve relinquished your control to whatever has you chained to it.  It is now controlling you – if you continue to let it. 

With the 3 of Cups here, Virgo, please be careful about going to excess!  Too much of a good thing is not a good thing at all!  Don’t overindulge in drinking, food, or other stuff that may be pleasurable in small doses, but unhealthy in larger or frequent doses.  And don’t fall into the pit of believing that if everyone else is doing something, then it can’t hurt for you to do it, too.  You could be the unlucky one if you aren’t careful.

Try to untangle yourself from what’s not good for you, Virgo – even if it’s a negative person that is spewing toxic energy all over your life.  You don’t have to be chained to that.  Do you?  If you think you do, it’s just an excuse to avoid doing what you know you really need to do.




The Emperor + 10 of Cups

October 2013 Tarot ForecastThe focus for you this month, Libra, is in taking care of family.  You may be the “rock” that loved ones turn to for support or to just kind of hold things together.  You may have a lot of folks counting on you that you don’t want to let down.  And you won’t let them down, dear Libra.  Most of the people that you are helping or otherwise serving are the folks you help with love and compassion.  It’s probably not going to feel like an inconvenience to you. 

In some way, you’ll find yourself “in charge” of various responsibilities and decisions.  This can be on the job, but also at home, too. 

This month is all about taking care of business, but it’s also a time for enjoying family, friends, and loves ones, too. 



Knight of Wands + 6 of Wands

October 2013 Tarot ForecastIt looks like October is going to be a busy and active month for you, Scorpio.  You’ve got places to go, things to do, and people to see.

You might also be working on climbing that career ladder of success!  In some way, you will enjoy a win that feels mighty fine! 

You’ve got a lot of motivation behind you at this time to move forward with goals and plans.  So it’s a month to really put the pedal to the metal and go for it!  Make things happen, because the energy is big at this time for you to make progress.  Just make sure that all of your enthusiasm doesn’t cause you to get scattered in too many directions at one time, dear Scorpio.  That’s what you need to watch out for. 



Knight of Swords +Judgment

October 2013 Tarot ForecastSagittarius, you need to take a stand, speak up, and make yourself heard this month.  Deal with issues head on and in a direct manner.  And if you have to call a spade a spade, then do it!  You may appear blunt with this approach, but this isn’t the time to sit on the sidelines or beat around the bush. 

A lot will be happening around you, and some of the situations that arise this month will require important decisions to be made.  You probably won’t have a lot of time to ponder some of your choices but may instead need to be ready to act on a decision quickly.

Pay attention to what is calling out to you – this “calling” may involve a change that you are ready to make, even if you think you’re not.



Reversed Knight of Discs + Ace of Wands 

October 2013 Tarot ForecastYou want to get on with something or get something started, Capricorn, but something seems to hold you back – possibly even money issues being the factor that prevents you from moving forward.  You may find yourself feeling stuck or complacent, even if you know that you really do need to take action.

Also be aware of someone whose behavior is stubborn and difficult.  He may undermine your efforts just to try to bring you down to his own level. 

Opportunity may be knocking, but for some reason you may still find yourself hesitating to accept it.  Thus, there may be some delays you’ll encounter before you can really take that first necessary step toward change.  And do consider if maybe you are fighting against change for whatever reasons. Or perhaps someone else who is involved may be opposed to making changes that you want to make. 



9 of Cups + 7 of Wands

October 2013 Tarot ForecastLife brings you something you wish for this month, Aquarius – so of course, do be careful what you’re wishing for!  Make sure you understand the responsibilities that come with the things you wish for. 

Getting what you want – or getting a wish to come true – may, however, require you to take a stand against some folks who might oppose you.  You may be dealing with people who are jealous of you and would gladly try to knock you off the pedestal that they perceive you to be on.

Stand your ground, though, Aquarius! It’s your turn to get something you want this month – and others will have to wait until their time to get what they wish for as well.  Don’t let anyone bust your happy bubble!  They really can’t do so unless you allow them to, so don’t let them.



10 of Swords + King of Discs

October 2013 Tarot ForecastYou may find yourself down on your luck this month, Pisces.  In whatever way this happens, it makes you feel down and out – or even like a victim.  A necessary ending may be happening, but it’s an ending that you have to accept – even if it’s not feeling so fair to you.  Something is done and over, and it hurts, but it’s going to hurt more in the long run if you don’t find a way to let it all go now. 

The worst is actually behind you now, Pisces.  You’ll have the chance to start anew and create better days ahead.  Focus on finding closure, and look to new possibilities and opportunities that an ending creates for you.

And don’t worry and stress too much, dear Pisces, because there is someone strong and responsible who can help you in your time of need.  Don’t be afraid to turn to them.  It may be a person, or it could be an entity or organization – such as a bank or a lender if money is at the root of your dilemma.  



Note:  For this Forecast feature, I have used traditional Western Sun signs of the zodiac, but if you’re curious what your Vedic Astrology Sun sign is, check out the Vedic Astrology Sun Signs page and compare.  If your Vedic Sun sign is different than your traditional Western sign, you might even see how information from both of the signs could apply to you – or perhaps one may be more prominent for you than the other. 

Please keep in mind that the entries listed above could not possibly represent everything you will experience during the month, nor does it mean that two people of the same sun sign will encounter the same situations or energies. 

What is presented for your enjoyment is a significant theme for the month you may see or relate to this month in one way or another. But it’s not the sum of the whole.  It is, however, one important aspect or theme that the cards wish to bring to the attention of each Sun Sign.

Many Blessings,

Sharon Brown

(a.k.a. Velvet Angel)




Please keep in mind that this is general information, and it could not possibly describe every single person under an individual sign.

Notice how none of the signs bring up cards from the suits of Wands or Cups!  Half of the zodiac signs bring us Pentacles, with three signs showing Swords, and three signs showing cards from the Major Arcana.  It really looks like all of us will have to deal with some practical issues this month.

We all could stand to get as organized as possible and deal with the practical, mundane aspects of life. After all, big issues generally don’t materialize overnight, so if we can take matters on a day-to-day basis and handle things as they come up, perhaps we can avoid a bigger crisis down the road!  It’s something to think about!


ARIES:  King of Pentacles
Rider Waite TarotYour focus this month is on the material, Aries.  If you manage your finances well, you can be in a good position with regard to money before the month is done.  There is a sense of “having plenty” and enjoying abundance with the King of Pentacles.

Use this prosperous energy to create more wealth – or if you are hurting financial, this energy can help you stop the losses.  A practical approach is required at this time, even if some say that being practical is “boring.”  The alternatives would not be pleasant, so keep your checkbooks balanced and stay on top of how your money is being spent. Use your money and material resources wisely, and they will serve you well in return.




TAURUS:  Strength
strengthYour strength can be most powerful at this time if you adopt a calmer and gentler approach.  Even if something makes you angry, just know that it’s best to reign in that temper and be more rational.  If you get mad at others and try to be forceful and demanding, you will not win them over to your side.  Instead, you’ll end up making enemies.

Thus, you may be called upon to “tame the beast within,” Taurus.  It’s going to take more courage on your part to handle things calmly than it would to get mad and act out.  In the same token, you may also need to tame a fear that resides within you.  If you take a closer look, you may find that such a fear is not truly as big as you thought it was. Everything is manageable at this time, and it’s up to you to provide good management in all aspects of your life to keep things flowing as balanced as possible.  Be patient with yourself and others.


GEMINI: 5 of Swords
5 of SwordsGemini, before you engage in battle, think about whether the battle is truly worth it to you or not.  It’s better to surrender than to have an empty victory, because with this kind of turbulent energy around you, the only real victory you might gain is if you stoop down to the levels of playing dirty.  Only go there if you absolutely have to! Take a good look at your boundaries and see if they are working well for you.

It is possible that you may have to act in your own best interests, because if you don’t stand up for yourself, nobody else will likely do so either.  But just make sure that you don’t act in ways that are selfish or unethical.  Do take care of yourself, Gemini, but know that sometimes the best way to win is to refuse to engage in conflict in the first place.   Even if you do lose a “battle” this month, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the war of your great cause will be lost.  Think about that, and choose your actions with great care.  Every action may count for a lot more than you think in terms of how you are judged by others.


CANCER:  2 of Pentacles
2 of PentaclesLife can feel like a juggling act this month, Cancer, as you find yourself multi-tasking and having a number of responsibilities that you need to keep afloat.  It may be hard not to drop the ball, but if you pace yourself and establish priorities, you can get through this busy time.

There are both ups and downs to be encountered during August, so be sure to let the “up” times motivate you to handle the “down” times well.  You need to create some balance in your life so that you’re not working all the time, or conversely so that you’re not spending excessive time goofing off!  Find the balance, Cancer!  You need both the elements of responsibility AND fun times in healthy balance so that you can keep up your momentum.  If you let that momentum fall away, you can find yourself struggling to keep up.



LEO:  8 of Pentacles
8 of PentaclesWhatever work you are doing, Leo, it’s important!  It serves others in some capacity, and sometimes that is the very thing that people forget.  There really is no such thing as a lowly career when you think about this.  Without waitresses and waiters, we wouldn’t get to enjoy a meal out.  Without people who pick up the trash each week, we would have to make our own trips to the dump or burn it.  Without someone at the check-outs in stores, we couldn’t shop.  So I don’t care if you are a waitress, you work at McDonald’s or Wendy’s, or if you’re a lawyer or doctor, etc. . . you are important because you serve others.  Your skills and expertise are needed!

This month, focus on your work – whatever it is – and concentrate on doing the best possible job that you can.  With diligent efforts, you’ll eventually reach mastery which will prepare you to ultimately move on to a new and higher level.  But you need this step right now, wherever you are in the stages of your work life.  Value this experience, because in some way – even if it’s seemingly unrelated – the efforts you make now can help you shape your future for the better.  Be great at what you do, because it counts and it matters, Leo!



VIRGO:  3 of Pentacles
3 of PentaclesTeamwork is emphasized for you this month, Virgo.  You can create remarkable things with the help of friends, coworkers, or other associations.  The theme relates to community and group activities that you may participate in.  Through community, you are able to build your own potential as well as the potential of other people, too.  Instead of trying to go solo, focus on a group effort at this time.

Think about how your creative efforts and attention to detail will help in building your future.  You might be surprised that the little stuff really can matter.  So take the time to notice the details and to care about how they are presented in your work or other efforts. The goal for you is not to just “get by,” Virgo . . . the goal today is in shaping your future and creating what your tomorrows will be all about.



LIBRA:  Reversed 2 of Swords
2 of SwordsHas something been in limbo, Libra?  Perhaps you couldn’t decide what you wanted/needed to do – or maybe you just couldn’t see the forest for the trees?  Well this two energy is reversed now to shake things up in a way that will let you see exactly what you need to do.  Perhaps your choice might still not seem particularly ideal, but you are at least making some decisions that will get you “unstuck” from the statis you’ve been enduring.

A stalemate is finally coming to an end, Libra.  And if you’ve been sitting on the fence about something, this month will show you how it’s time to act.  No more procrastination.  Now is the time to DO something.  You will finally see the truth of a situation as plain as day.  Seeing something/someone for what it is goes a long ways in helping you realize what you really want to do.

SCORPIO:  The Tower
The TowerSome kind of foundation or structure is breaking down, Scorpio.  Something has been built on false premises or a shaky foundation . . . and anything built in that manner simply cannot last through the tests of time.  While this may create some undesirable upheaval in your life during this month, Scorpio, try to see how it’s also an opportunity to start anew on the right track.  Something is changing, and it’s simply not going to be possible to return to things exactly the way they once were.  It won’t necessarily seem like a good thing while you’re going through it, but later you’ll see the value in a situation being irrevocable.

Don’t try to rebuild something from the old ashes or pieces that remain.  While you may have to pick up the pieces of your life in some way, don’t recreate the same old thing that didn’t work to begin with!  This is what the Tower means when it asks you not to rebuild with the same old pieces or material!  What you used before was tainted or unsturdy, and it’s time to rebuild with a foundation of honesty and clarity.  Take off the rose-colored glasses and take a good look at what you need to acknowledge, Scorpio.  The longer you wait to do so, the harder it will be.


SAGITTARIUS:  Queen of Pentacles
Queen of PentaclesHome and family life are going to be especially important for you this month, Sagittarius!  Concentrate on your own domain and domestic haven.  You may be called upon to be the “mother” in a situation (whether you have kids or not), and you will be expected to take the lead in a practical way.  You need to keep things organized, tidy, and ready for just about anything.  Being prepared for anything will allow you to make the gains you are seeking.

If you need to declutter your physical or mental/emotional space, then now is the time to get it done!  Additionally, be practical in matters that pertain to money, finances, and the budget!  Don’t give in to temptations for spending – you need to adopt a practical approach.  And if you do that, Sagittarius, the reward is that you will gain or profit and have more at month’s end than when you started at the beginning of this month!  It’s a challenge worth accepting, and you can do this!



CAPRICORN:  The Hermit
The HermitThis month, you will need some “Hermit” time, Capricorn – you know, that things called “me time” or “alone time!”  Being solitary for a while doesn’t mean you embrace a lonely life.  It means that you give yourself time to reconnect with who you are – without the everyday biases that come through the daily grind in our real world.

The relationship you have with YOURSELF, is THE most important relationship you will have in your life.  If you have a good relationship with yourself, you will be in a better position to have good relationships with others, too.  Capricorn, you are important enough to give yourself a bit of time and space to call your own.  Use that time to embrace your inner self and engage in personal activities that reconnect with the real you.  If you don’t make time available just for you, nobody else will – and you will only teach others that you are not important if you don’t take that step back from time to time.  It’s time to shine a little line on yourself for a change – even if it means just a weekend this month that you take all for yourself.

Oh, and by the way, Capricorn – turn OFF the cell phone and put it in a drawer when you do that “me time.”  Seriously, did you think you could get away with that?  LOL!!



AQUARIUS:  Page of Pentacles
Page of PentaclesIt looks like there may be a new project in the works for you, Aquarius!  You’ve got to figure out how to get it started, though, and how you will make it all happen.  Pay attention to the details, as the foundation of any worthwhile effort is built through those details!  Understand the purpose for your project, as this is what will continue to fuel you with motivation to ultimately finish what you’ve started.

It’s okay to make mistakes, too, Aquarius! Don’t try to be a perfectionist.  You’ll learn from each mistake you make, and that will make you better and stronger – not weaker!  Learning from your mistakes will help you – and your project – grow into its full potential.  However, be patient, because progress can be a bit slower than desired with Pentacles energy, but this also gives you a chance to focus on the details that you want to define or enhance in whatever you’re doing.  Remember – the foundation will be made up of those important little details!



PISCES:  Queen of Swords
Queen of SwordsPisces, this is a no-nonsense kind of month.  It’s not the time to sugar coat things; you may have to just get blunt and tell it like it is.  That might not make you popular, but now is not the time to focus on who likes you and who doesn’t.  It’s time to focus on what is right and just and fair!

Communicate clearly and use good common sense and logic to handle what comes you way during August.  Cut out the things that you no longer need.  Practice tough love with others and with yourself. While not too many folks (or kids for that matter) appreciate “tough love” that can seem harsh at the time, it’s only much later when someone says “thank you that you cared enough to be tougher with me when I really needed that.”




Note:  For this Forecast feature, I have used traditional Western Sun signs of the zodiac, but if you’re curious what your Vedic Astrology Sun sign is, check out the Vedic Astrology Sun Signs page and compare.  If your Vedic Sun sign is different than your traditional Western sign, you might even see how information from both of the signs could apply to you – or perhaps one may be more prominent for you than the other.

Please keep in mind that the entries listed above could not possibly represent everything you will experience during the month, nor does it mean that two people of the same sun sign will encounter the same situations or energies.

What is presented for your enjoyment is a significant theme for the month you may see or relate to this month in one way or another. But it’s not the sum of the whole.  It is, however, one important aspect or theme that the cards wish to bring to the attention of each Sun Sign.

Many Blessings,
Sharon Brown
(a.k.a. Velvet Angel)


Tarot-ScopesKing of Pentacles + Strength
Your leadership ability will be called into action this month, Aries.  This can be a situation of managing your finances or managing “abundance” in any other area of life, including family and relationships.  Leadership also requires self-discipline, so know that you need to “practice what you preach” this month in order to set a good example for others to follow.

The best way to lead will be through a gentle and compassionate approach.  Strength will give you an opportunity to gently persuade others to your views.  With a calm and kind approach, you will be an effective leader.  Leadership is not about force or pressure – it’s about compassion.  See how this makes a difference in your life this month and how much more cooperation you gain from others when you take this calm and gentle approach.

Tarot-ScopesPage of Wands + 3 of Swords
Taurus, you may feel very passionately about something (or someone) and are ready to impulsively dive in to new territory.  But do be careful, as you could get burned!

Take your time, especially when learning new things or learning about another person.  This month, you will be called upon to learn a lesson of value, and it’s always nicer when you don’t have to learn it through the school of hard knocks!

And if you have children, Taurus, know that they could test your patience.  We’ve all heard the story of how little children step on our toes, and then when they get bigger, they step on our hearts.  Be aware of what’s going on with your kids this month, because there may be an issue to contend with.


Tarot-Scopes8 of Pentacles + 6 of Cups
This is a time to focus on something of value, Gemini – and something you enjoy.  You might be picking up a project or idea that gained its roots in the past, but for whatever reasons you had to let it go at that time.  That may come back for your attention now, but it’s something that can be rewarding now.

Whatever you are working on, it’s something you can share with others.  You and another may benefit from a particular project this month.  You may be working on something in conjunction with another person, possibly even someone from the past.  But whatever it is, it can bring you enjoyment.  It can be like a gift to yourself and to others as well.  All good things take time and work, so be patient and enjoy every step of your progress.


Tarot-ScopesHermit + Page of Cups
Someone needs your attention this month, Cancer.  You may be focused in a different direction, so be sure to turn around every now and again and see what is going on around you.  With the Page of Cups here, it may be a child who needs your attention or perhaps needs some wise emotional advice from you.

Your “alone time” might be important to you during May, but don’t spend all of your time alone and absorbed in your work or projects.  If you let loose a bit, you may find a nice surprise that you would have missed otherwise. This is a time where you will need to carefully choose how and where to focus your time, effort, and attention.  You want to make sure that you don’t miss the little things that might be more important than you realized.


Tarot-Scopes8 of Cups + Knight of Pentacles
This month may bring you an opportunity to move on to something else, Leo – perhaps moving from one job to another for some of you.  There is something in your life that has gone as far as it can go and no longer brings you the joy or rewards that it once did.

This awareness can bring a bittersweet moment, but it can also take you to a new adventure as well.  Be patient in this process, as it looks like you will be going through a “graduation” of sorts during May.

For some of you, this can literally mean a May graduation in the educational process for yourself, your kids, or your grandchildren.  But it could also mean a transition for you as well where you seek a new adventure while maintaining a practical approach in the process.  In other words, you can find more fun and enjoyment – and perhaps even more abundance when you finally let go of something that’s been holding you back.


Tarot-ScopesReversed 9 of Swords + Judgement
Virgo, whatever has troubled you and caused upset is now coming to a head and clearing up this month.  You will find that your worries have not helped anyway, and you can begin to find productive ways to deal with matters once again.

A new choice will enter the picture that brings a new opportunity or a new chance for you.  Don’t be afraid to accept it.  Don’t let past hurts or past mistakes get in the way of this chance to move ahead!


Tarot-ScopesReversed 10 of Wands + Justice
Libra, you are carrying a heavy weight.  Take a look at your many responsibilities, because it’s time to prioritize and delegate.  What are you doing that someone else should be doing?  You have enough of a load on your own without taking on the burdens and tasks of others – no matter how much your generous nature really wants to help others out.

The only way to find balance in a very busy life is to ensure that others are carrying their fair share of the load and not putting things off on you that they could and should be doing themselves.  It’s time to balance the scales.  See what obligations or commitments you can release, and then put the remainder of your responsibilities in a better perspective.  It will feel great to get some of the weight off your shoulders!


Tarot-ScopesKnight of Swords + 7 of Swords
Scorpio, things could get rather chaotic this month, so be prepared.  You may be scurrying in a number of different directions and trying to do many things at once without enough focus.

But here is the downfall of this kind of activity.  It’s not productive.  It emphasizes quantity instead of the quality that needs to be there.  It promotes unfinished tasks as well.  Essentially, it robs you of enjoying a sense of pride for a job well done, because the quality starts lacking.  It’s time to focus, Scorpio . . . and give yourself that real sense of pride that you should be enjoying.


Tarot-ScopesQueen of Wands + Reversed Fool
Sagittarius, you are trying so hard, and your efforts should be commended.  You have the will and desire to accomplish big things.  The problem is that you may be encountering yet another situation that says “back to the drawing board.”  Some kind of false start may frustrate you this month.  You aren’t getting back nearly enough for the efforts you are putting into something.

You may also need to find a way to lead your life so that you are not merely following the rest of the crowd.  Think things through and don’t let impulses get you into trouble.  Even if you are excited about something, ask yourself if it’s realistically doable or feasible for you.  At the same time, don’t let fear hold you back either.  Find the middle ground and try again, Sagittarius.


Tarot-Scopes4 of Swords + Lovers
Capricorn, you may have to lay low when it comes to love or partnerships this month.  Take a step back and evaluate the choices in front of you.  This is especially important for those “big” choices in life and love.

If you’ve been in conflict with a partner or you’ve just broke up with someone, this is all the more reason to step back and reflect.  It’s not the time to be on the rebound in matters of love.  Get things settled in your head, and then your heart will soon follow as well.


Tarot-Scopes6 of Wands + 8 of Swords
Does victory elude you, Aquarius?  Well, a victory is possible for you this month, but you are going to have to make some difficult choices to get to that triumphant place you desire.  Your victory this month will come through opening your eyes and going through a tough situation to come out on the better side of things.

You are not trapped, and you’re not without options, Aquarius – even though it may seem to be the case, because the options in front of you don’t seem all that desirable.  But just know that there is a victory available if you are willing to do what it takes.  It won’t come easy, as it will be a hard-earned victory . . . but it will be worth it, as such a victory will also take you out of a rut you’ve been in lately.


Tarot-ScopesStar + Emperor
Make a wish, Pisces . . . and know that it can come true!  You’ve got the Emperor on your side this month to back you up in making a dream or a wish become reality.

Know that making a wish is just a part of it.  It sends that vibration out to the universe and sets the intentions of your desire.  But you must also take the appropriate actions to help that wish manifest.  You’ve got people in your corner who can help you, Pisces.  Don’t forget to reach out to them when you need some help and guidance in your world.



Note:  For this Forecast feature, I have used traditional Western Sun signs of the zodiac, but if you’re curious what your Vedic Astrology Sun sign is, check out the Vedic Astrology Sun Signs page and compare.  If your Vedic Sun sign is different than your traditional Western sign, you might even see how information from both of the signs could apply to you – or perhaps one may be more prominent for you than the other.

Please keep in mind that the entries listed above could not possibly represent everything you will experience during the month, nor does it mean that two people of the same sun sign will encounter the same situations or energies.

What is presented for your enjoyment is a significant theme for the month you may see or relate to this month in one way or another. But it’s not the sum of the whole.  It is, however, one important aspect or theme that the cards wish to bring to the attention of each Sun Sign.

Many Blessings,
Sharon Brown
(a.k.a. Velvet Angel)


tarot cardsThis month, I’m doing something a little bit different for the Tarot-Scopes.  I wanted to shake things up a bit and make it interesting for you.

I have incorporated Lenormand + Tarot for the forecasts.  Two Lenormand cards have been drawn for each sun sign, along with a Tarot card.

The Lenormand card pair will tell us the practical side of what is actually happening, while the tarot card will add in how you may feel about it as well as possibly bringing in a piece of advice.  This gives us both a practical and psychological perspective to work with.

I am using the Piatnik Lenormand with the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot deck.

ARIES:  Flowers + Birds and 6 of Pentacles

Flowers - Lenormand6 of Pentacles

Happy conversations arise for you this month, Aries – from telephone conversations to get-togethers . . . it’s all good!  You may have the gift of gab and enjoy conversing with others.  You might also receive invitations this month – perhaps even a surprise invitation.  You might give or receive a gift.

Don’t be afraid to use your voice, Aries.  It can get you what you want and/or give someone else what they need.

The Six of Pentacles from Tarot indicates that you will feel good about this.  Some of the conversations you have may relate to “give and take” with others.  So you’ll feel especially pleased to be able to help someone who needs you.  And if you are on the opposite side where you are the one who needs something, you will be pleased to know that the support you need is going to be there for you.


TAURUS: Whip + Letter and High Priestess

Whip - Lenormand Letter - LenormandHigh Priestess

A letter or document may create conflict for you, Taurus – it might even make you angry, or the contents of the letter may express anger towards you.  This message may come to you in written form, via email, or a text message.  There may be a lot of communication with a lot of messages happening this month, and not all of it will necessarily relate to confusion or anger.  You might also be signing a contract of some kind.

The High Priestess suggests patience even when you want to rush out there and act quickly.  Wait for the information you need to arrive, and you will then have the facts in hand to take the appropriate actions.

Even the High Priestess holds a document in her hands, so letters, messages, and/or documents may be prominent for you during this month, Aries.  Don’t be quick to make snap decisions, though.  Your intuition will help you out a lot, so be sure to listen to that message, too!


GEMINI:  Whip + Scythe and Page of Pentacles

Whip - LenormandScythe - Lenormand Page of Pentacles

Gemini, you may be facing some kind of troubles or strife this month that demands your attention. Ready or not, here it is – and this could be happening faster than you feel you can keep up with it.  It is possible that something keeps coming back to you in repetitive form, possibly something that needs to be cut out of the equation in order to be settled and resolved once and for all.

The Page of Pentacles is a calm energy in the midst of the turmoil from the Whip and Scythe.  It suggests that you may have something to study and learn about what’s coming at you this month.  You may find yourself needing to step back and look at a situation from various angles.  Doing this can help you cut away what you no longer need, allowing room for something better to come in.

Take extra care this month to avoid accidents, and don’t tangle with those who are violent or dangerous.  Steer clear of the troublemakers.  The Page of Pentacles indicates that you can be logical and perceptive, so use those skills to weed out the bad apples from the good ones in your life.


CANCER: Clover + House and Justice

Clover - LenormandHouse - LenormandJustice - Lenormand

Something lucky surrounds house, home, and family this month, Cancer.  This can signify happiness within the family, or it may be a stroke of good luck regarding where you live.  If you are looking for a different house or dwelling to live in, luck is with you.  If you are looking to sell your home, you’ve got luck for that as well.

Clover’s luck doesn’t last long – perhaps for a couple of days or so – thus, be sure to seize opportunity when it comes knocking at your day.  Don’t delay, as you could miss it.

Justice indicates you will feel vindicated or pleased at something that works out so fairly for you during this month.  If you are feeling like it’s time for you to get a lucky break, it looks like that is coming to you.  It will certainly help to balance out your feelings, especially if things have felt unfair or unjust to you lately.


LEO:  Child + Key and Death

Child - LenormandKey - LenormandDeath - Lenormand

Leo, there are a couple of ways that your cards may apply, so let me mention them both as one thing might be more applicable for you, and another possibility might be more fitting for one of your fellow Leos – or maybe you’ll see both of these ideas in your own life.

If you are trying to have a child, it looks like the opportunity is going to be there – or a child in your life may be particularly important this month.  A new door is opening, and you’ve got the key to access this.  There might be some kind of opportunity that comes up for or with a child – or perhaps because of a child.

Conversely, if you aren’t planning to add to your family or you don’t have children, the Child + Key indicate a new beginning or opportunity coming into your life this month.  A new beginning definitely seems to be on the way – something for you to nurture so that it will grow and develop into what you want.

Death from Tarot indicates that while there is a new beginning in some way for you, this will also bring some major changes.  For example, having a baby means that your whole life shifts and changes in dramatic ways – even though it’s still a positive thing for you.  So with the change coming into your life, Leo, it looks like there will be some adjustments to be made in order to accommodate that change.  Things may feel a bit stressful, even in light of a favorable thing you wanted.  You may also see how you have to let go of something in order to give the proper time and attention to the new experience coming into your life.


VIRGO:  Gentleman + Ring and Reversed 7 of Wands

Gentleman - LenormandRing - LenormandReversed 7 of Wands

If you’re a Virgo man, a proposal of some kind may be presented – possibly by you, or at least for you.   This could be a marriage proposal, or it could be the proposal of some kind of contract that you will consider.

If you’re a Virgo woman, a proposal of some kind is also presented to you!  If you’ve been longing for your guy to propose . . . it could happen.  Or you may be considering a contract of another type.

But whether you are male or female, please be careful with whatever proposals – or propositions, offers, promises, or contracts — come your way.  The Reversed Seven of Wands indicates that you might be taking on more than you can handle or more than you are really ready for.  Think things over carefully before you sign on the dotted line, or before you say “yes.”


LIBRA:  Path + Heart and Knight of Cups

Path - LenormandHeart - LenormandKnight of Cups

Choices for love may be prominent for you this month, dear Libra!  How sweet it can be, especially when you find a lovely partner to share with.  It is possible that some of you may even have more than one potential love interest to choose from.

But either way, you may have some decisions to make in matters of the heart this month.  This is about following the path of your heart and deepest feelings.  If love isn’t on the agenda for you, Libra, there are still options around you that bring contentment.  Follow your feelings to choose the right thing for you.

The Knight of Cups is a lovely addition to this Lenormand pair, as it emphasizes the idea of love in your life.  Love is coming to you, or you may be making a choice about a current love relationship possibility.  If you are already in a happy relationship, your cards for this month emphasize that relationship and making positive choices to help it keep growing.

This Knight ushers in very happy, content, and satisfied feelings.  It’s a calm energy, but also exciting at the same time!  Follow your heart, Libra!


SCORPIO:  Fox + Fish and Judgement

Fox - LenormandFish - LenormandJudgement

Scorpio, please beware of deception surrounding money matters this month!  This can go either way – it can be some kind of impact on your money in a situation where you get duped, swindled, or somehow cheated or fooled . . . or it could be you who feels tempted to get something that you don’t really deserve or that doesn’t belong to you.

Make sure that you rise to your higher standards with a willingness to do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s compensation – and that you also insist upon fair value for whatever ways you are spending your money.

Judgement indicates making the right choices that you can feel good about, Scorpio.  It represents the understanding of something you might not have fully comprehended before.  It’s about achieving the understanding to make the right choices that will have an impact on your future.  The feeling here is like a “Judgement Day” where you will either reap the rewards of good choices, or you’ll face the consequences for bad ones!  Do what you know is right, dear Scorpio!



SAGITTARIUS:  Bear + Birds and Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Negotiations may be on the table, Sagittarius.  This might be a conversation that you have with a boss for a pay raise, or it might be some other kind of negotiations or conversations that you have with an authority figure.   You may be talking to someone who is in a higher chain of command, or someone that holds the control over a matter.  It’s someone who may, in some way, be “in charge.”

If you need to talk to such an authority, don’t hesitate to do so.  The Birds is a vocal card, and it asks you to use your voice to help you get what you want or to resolve an issue.  Keeping quiet and just hoping for the best isn’t likely to help.

The Queen of Swords indicates that you will feel empowered to have made yourself heard in whatever circumstances are around you.  She can bring a good feeling to a no-nonsense situation where you want the truth and not the bull.  She encourages you to insist upon truth and honesty from those you converse with – and be equally as honest yourself.  You may find that you’re a better negotiator or communicator than you thought!


CAPRICORN:  Lady + Letter and King of Cups

Letter - LenormandKing of Cups

You may send or receive a letter of importance, Capricorn.  If you have expected to hear something, it looks like the news or message is coming.  The message may come from a woman, or if you are a lady, it may be a letter, message, or document that you are sending out.

This Lenormand card pair might also indicate that you will be doing some writing this month, or perhaps you are looking to get published or you are already a published writer engaged in correspondence about what you have written.  In some way, letters, documents, writing, and communication will be significant.

The King of Cups gives you plenty of reasons to feel happy and satisfied with the communication, letter, or documents.  Whatever news you receive will be pleasing.  It will give you a good feeling – perhaps that boost of inner confidence that you’ve needed.  And it looks like, with this King of Cups, that you’ll be able to get people to listen to you.

It’s also possible that a “love letter” might be involved with this King of Cups – or some kind of communication or correspondence with a gentle man.  Whatever emotional support you might need is going to be there for you – enjoy!


AQUARIUS:  Dog + Gentlemen and 8 of Cups

Dog - LenormandGentleman - Lenormand8 of Cups

A loyal male friend seems prominent for you this month, Aquarius.  If you’re a female, this is not likely a romantic companion we are talking about here – but a good friend that you can count on.  This portrays someone that you already know in your life, versus a newcomer.

This person may be a good listener to you, especially if you have emotional issues you need to talk about – as suggested by the 8 of Cups from Tarot.  This familiar person you know might help you through a time of letting go and moving on.  This person may help you in your search for what is “missing” in your life.

On a more mundane level, you may have a friend who needs to find a new home for his pet.  You might take on that pet yourself, or perhaps you will look for someone else you know who would want to care of that pet and allow it to transition into a new life and home.

In some way, this month will feel like you are letting go of something, but also searching for greater meaning in your life.  A loyal friend or a loving pet may be the encouraging support you need during this time.  Overall, it’s like a graduation of the soul as you grow and advance in your life and in your personal associations.


PISCES:  Rider + Mouse and Ace of Swords

Rider - LenormandMice - LenormandAce of Swords

News of a loss may come to you this month, Scorpio.  You may be informed of something that “eats at you” or troubles you.  Something may cause you some serious concern.  It’s also possible that what troubles you or creates stress is in regard to a lost letter or message that you expected but did not receive.  If you were expecting to hear from a friend or loved one who is away, and you hear nothing at all . . . this can create worry for you.

On another note (and perhaps a less worrisome one), you might simply receive news that something has been canceled.

The Ace of Swords suggests a new beginning or new thoughts and ideas that may emerge from this loss, cancelation, or deterioration that you learn about.  Whatever the matter may be for you personally, Scorpio, the Ace of Swords indicates that you will learn the truth of a matter.  Strength in adversity is the hallmark of this Ace – “out of something bad, something good emerges.”  Sow whatever you’re dealing with, Scorpio, there is victory in at least finding out the truth by cutting through the layers of confusion and illusion.

Even difficult situations are better when we are aware of them and understand, because that means we can work on changing, adjusting, or correcting where possible.  You are not going to stay in the dark – you’ll learn what you need to know so that you can act accordingly.


Note:  For this tarot-scope feature, I have used traditional Western Sun signs of the zodiac, but if you’re curious what your Vedic Astrology Sun sign is, check out the Vedic Astrology Sun Signs page and compare.  If your Vedic Sun sign is different than your traditional Western sign, you might even see how information from both of the signs could apply to you – or perhaps one may be more prominent for you than the other.

Please keep in mind that the entries listed above could not possibly represent everything you will experience during the month, nor does it mean that two people of the same sun sign will encounter the same situations or energies.

What is presented for your enjoyment is a significant theme for the month you may see or relate to this month in one way or another. But it’s not the sum of the whole.  It is, however, one important aspect or theme that the cards wish to bring to the attention of each Sun Sign.

Wishing you an abundant and happy November!! 

Many Blessings,

Velvet Angel



If you liked this month’s Tarot-Scopes, let me know in the comments below – so that I will know to do this again in the future.

Here are the Tarot-Scopes by Sun Sign for the month of March.  For this feature, I am using traditional Western Sun signs of the zodiac, but if you’re curious what your Vedic Astrology Sun sign is, check out the Vedic Astrology Sun Signs page and compare.  If your Vedic Sun sign is different than your traditional Western sign, you might even see how both of the energies listed below could apply to you – or perhaps one may be more prominent for you than the other.

Keep in mind that a single card pulled for a given sign will not represent everything you experience during the month.  It is a significant theme of the month that you will probably see or relate to in one way or another. But it’s not the sum of the whole.  It is, however, one important aspect or theme that the Tarot wants to bring to the attention of each Sun Sign.

This month, I am using the Joie de Vivre Tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy and published in 2011 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Joie de Vivre Tarot Deck is available at

ARIES:  Temperance
Temperance represents your theme for March, Aries.  This card features Lady Temperance who blends hot and cold, sun and moon, light and dark – all the opposites to make for a perfect mix and combination.  And most importantly, this idea of blending creates balance.  You, too, may find yourself working with opposites this month, Aries – perhaps working with people whose personalities are opposite of your own . . . or even finding yourself attracted to an “opposite.”  They do say “opposites attract!”

Temperance denotes seeing possibilities, answers, and combinations that others might easily overlook.  You might also be integrating two or more parts of your life or yourself together in ways that create a more effective expression of who you are.

You’ve got some very positive energy available to you this month, Aries . . . and how you use it will make all the difference!  But realize that when Temperance appears, patience is also needed.  You can’t simply force things to create a desired result.  You might not be in a position to make things happen quickly, so you’ll have to be patient for the right time to act.  Don’t try to rush things to a conclusion before they are ready.  Use moderation and balance in your approaches, and don’t overdo things.  Just go with the flow and find the middle ground.  There is no need to rush.  In fact, Lady Temperance assures you that you’ll get more accomplished if you take things at a slower, more thoughtful pace this month.  There is a reason and a season for all things under the sun and the moon!  Take your time.  Lady Temperance says (from page 13 LWB), “The resolution of conflict requires compromise and cooperation.  The combination of opposites makes for the ideal mixture, and increases your ability to adapt to change.”


TAURUS:  2 of Cups
Meet Ally and Kin, the pair of owls who represent your theme this month, Taurus – the 2 of Cups!  Matters of love may be prominent for you at this time.  If you’re single, you could meet someone new.  If you’re already partnered, the connection could be stronger with that special someone in your life.  Use this beautiful energy of union and partnership to your advantage, Taurus!

If love isn’t on your mind, then the 2 of Cups can signify another kind of union, relationship, or partnership – such as a new job or even a new friend.  Your message from the owls, Ally and Kin, states that “When you meld with someone else or with a new project, spiritual riches are obtained and lessons are learned.  Confidence and certainty will open your heart to others without hesitation.  Be certain you make the best choices, and communicate with clarity.” (page 29, Joie de Vivre, LWB)

This month, you may be doing things you enjoy and that will have benefit to you – possibly a mutual benefit between you and another or with a group of people.  This is a time for establishing situations of agreement, union, or partnership.  You may find circumstances of compatibility, kindness, trust, and connections with someone or something that you love and believe in.  This association may be one that helps support you on some level — whether emotionally or physically . . . or very possibly both.  With this card’s energy surrounding you, there is value in relationships and associations that you can appreciate.  There is a sense of unity and belonging.

GEMINI:  Strength
You feature theme for March is Strength, Gemini . . . and this feature stars the character named Patience who is seen in this card embracing a lion named Intrepid.  This lion represents the physical manifestations of your own “inner beast” and your inner strength as well.  This is about taming the lion in your life – i.e., conquering fears and making peace with the shadow side of yourself.  And not to worry, Gemini, everyone has a “shadow” side, so it’s not just you who has to concern yourself with “taming the beast” within.

But with Strength on your side, you can indeed conquer fears and make peace with any difficulties that confront you at this time.  And you can do this compassionately and gently instead of being overly aggressive or forceful.  Strength allows for mastery in a gentle manner.  So be kind to yourself as you are to others, even when disagreements arise – or when you are faced with an “inner war” that you must work through.

Strength asks you to utilize patience, because this is an asset that will help you triumph over challenges and to handle things calmly and with a lot less stress.  Patience in this card tells you to “ride out the storm and face your fears; do not give up when you’re so close to getting through a trying situation.  Have faith in your ability to endure, and you’ll come out stronger from the experience.” (page 8-9 Joie de Vivre LWB).


CANCER:  The Magician
Starring Pretzo as the Magician for your theme in March (with Hocus the rabbit as co-host who forms the sign of infinity with a  lemniscate), we see the Magician holding a symbol for each of the four elements – a Sword, a Cup, a Coin, and a Wand.  This is about manifesting.  It’s an indication that you have everything you need to turn a dream into a reality, Cancer.  How exciting is that!  This is a time to put your ideas and plans into action and create the Magic that is waiting for you to claim it.

If you don’t think you have everything you need, Pretzo and Hocus are asking you to rethink this.  They assure you that you have enough to get started, or there are ways you could improvise or make do until you are in a position to acquire anything else you may need.  Start with the basics, Cancer, and whatever else you need will become available to you.  But you have to get started first – The Magician is, after all, the card of Number One and new starts and beginnings!  So what are you waiting for, Cancer?  It’s time to get started today!

“Believe that all things are possible!  With the power to create magic in your life, you are the ruler of your own reality.  Use your skills and self-discipline to conjure creative ideas into reality.  Act with confidence, focus, and clear intention.” (page 3, Joie de Vivre LWB)


LEO:  3 of Swords
Leo, I know there’s not much of a good spin to put on your theme for the month of March when faced with the 3 of Swords.  Chagrin is the name of the character for this card, and we see him holding his pierced heart, while seeking comfort from the candlelight nearby.  There may be something upsetting or heartbreaking that calls for your attention – perhaps discovering something you would rather not have known, or being in circumstances you desperately wish to deny, but knowing at the same time that you can no longer deny it or look the other way.

The 3 of Swords speaks of severance in one form or another.  In whatever way that you might experience this difficult energy, Leo, it can make you feel injured, unappreciated, grief-stricken, or cut off from others.  It can portray a situation that is completely unfair and very hurtful.  To put such complexities into simple form – the fact is, the energy of this card hurts in whatever way it comes.  There’s never an easy way to tell the tale of the 3 of Swords, and we can see this to be true from Chagrin’s sad and longing look at the candles beside him.

But this is where there is also hope after pain, Leo!  It can hurt to learn something you would desperately wish to deny, but awareness and clarity are part of this energy as Swords is related to the element of Air.  Chagrin tells us (from page 29 of the LWB), “Through sorrow’s shadow comes release, and the only way out is through.  Better actions that replace old ones could not occur without the transformation pain brings.  Moving toward the light at the end of the tunnel, you begin the process of healing.”


VIRGO:  10 of Swords
The only real choice available upon seeing the 10 of Swords energy, Virgo, is to face it and realize that your disappointments, distress, sorrow, or frustrations are temporary conditions.  This energy can feel like “hitting rock bottom,” and it can feel as if someone has proverbially stabbed you in the back through lies, gossip, deceit, or betrayal.

Here we see the star character of the 10 of Swords in Joie de Vivre, and her name is Lament.  She is seeking comfort near the nourishing stream in front of her, while still holding the sword of fortitude.  This means that no matter how much life tries to get you down, Virgo, you must never give up!  And with this card, the worst is over, so the only place next to go . . . is up!  Summon your inner strength to find a fresh outlook so that you can let go of whatever pain ails you, and start anew.

Lament’s message, from page 44 of the LWB is:  “If hopes and dreams seem to have turned to dust, new ones shall indeed arise.  Your thoughts today create tomorrow.  Move upward and onward, and allow nothing to hold you back.”



LIBRA:  Ace of Cups
This month offers happiness and blessings through a new start, especially on an emotional level.  Something or someone may help you gain your heart’s desire and feel emotionally content.  Ace are gifts or opportunities, and for you dear Libra, this is a gift and opportunity for new beginnings, love, and happiness.  This can represent love in its beginning stages, or finding the love of your life.  It could also signify the renewal of an existing relationship or starting over through reuniting.  This Ace is all about unconditional love and happiness.  Whether it’s love that is your personal focus, or something else, it seems you will have an opportunity to be involved with something that you love being a part of.

Allow me to introduce you to Euphoria who is the star character of this card.  Euphoria’s cup overflows with the waters of emotional fulfillment, and this is the gift she wishes to share with you, Libra!  What a beautiful gift of happiness this is, so be open and accepting to this offering, in whatever way it comes to you this month.  Euphoria’s special message and advice for you at this time is to . . . “let your heart-light shine.  A spiritual awakening will take place as the beginning of new desires and emotions emerge.  Trust your inner voice; your caring nature will enhance psychic awareness.  Listen to messages from within.” (page 29, Joie de Vivre LWB)

Because the Ace of Cups holds opportunity for “something new,” it can signify the entry of someone or something that adds a happy element to your world.  Whether it’s a new partner, a new friend, a new perspective, a new creative and happy experience, or a new awareness of your emotional center . . .  the pleasure that you experience through this Ace energy is very fine.  This energy is shaping up to be a happy, productive, and fulfilling month . . . enjoy!!  And remember to appreciate each and every blessing that comes to you.  You are blessed and loved!


SCORPIO:  Reversed 4 of Cups
Whatever gloom or blah kind of sensation has been hovering around you, Scorpio, the Reversed 4 of Cups signifies that things will be improving in your emotional life this month. If you have recently felt at loose ends, experienced a stagnant situation, or have been bored without really knowing what you wanted . . . now the energy is shifting so that you can finally enjoy forward momentum in your life again.  You may be regaining interest in projects, creative pursuits, pleasures, or relationships.  You are coming out of depression or a sense of emptiness.  That “blah” feeling is diminishing so that you can find your sense of motivation, get involved with life again, and enjoy what is being offered to you.

In desiring to liven up your existence and experiences, you may be reconsidering options you had previously rejected.  You may be taking a second look and seeing that what you need is available to you.  You are now seeking new opportunities to overcome boredom and passivity.  You might also be finding new solutions to old problems in ways that you hadn’t considered before.

Melancholique is the character of the 4 of Cups, and you don’t have to be like him anymore.  He’s not noticing the opportunities right in front of him and around him.  Instead, you are now able to look outside the box, join with friends, and bring forth your fullest potential.  Life is a gift, and hiding under a rock or in a box sure won’t let you enjoy the opportunities available to you.


SAGITTARIUS:  Reversed High Priestess
Do you find that you aren’t trusting yourself and your intuition at this time, Sagittarius?  Or perhaps you are trying to act during a time in which you need to just be patient and hold back for the time being.   This is not a rut you should stay in, because this energy makes you too vulnerable to be deceived.  The Reversed High Priestess explains that there is more to something – or someone – than meets the eye.  So don’t choose to ignore what you know deep down is true.  This is not a time to see only what you want to see.  Look deeper, and see and accept the truth of a situation.  And you may need some time to discover some hidden truths, facts, or revelations before you willingly trust something that doesn’t deserve your trust.

One of the worst forms of self-sabotage is to violate your own conscience.  You may meet a situation that looks fine on the surface, but underneath it will have a deeper, more complex story.  Don’t push aside that little inner voice of caution.  Listen to what it’s trying to tell you and move forward with special care.  Don’t engage in something for which your conscience is warning you against!

Something may be hidden from view . . . and that something is the very thing you really need to know about.  You may feel that you don’t have the time or patience to wait for additional information . . . but you must be careful not to react first and then reconsider later.  That may be too late.  Instead, all the facts and secrets must first be revealed before a decision or judgment can be made with care.   There is more to something than meets the eye, so be willing to take a closer look, even if you think you might not like what you will ultimately discover!  Better to find that out sooner rather than later!

What are you bound or chained to, Capricorn?  What has pulled you in with hook, line, and sinker?  While something may have seemed good to you in the beginning, did you also ignore that little voice of warning that tried to urge you in a different direction?  Well, now you are probably finding yourself stuck in some difficult situation this month – and it’s hard to remove yourself from it!  This could be a commitment that you realize you don’t actually want.  It could be a relationship that isn’t right for you.  It could be some bad habit, tendency, or an addiction that you find yourself in.  But whatever this is, Capricorn . . . you know it’s not the delight that dazzled you at the start!  You’re seeing the darker side of what attracted you and pulled you in.

A perfect song for this card comes to mind – and that is “Hotel California” by the Eagles.  It’s easy to get into something, but much harder to leave it.  The song says it all.

In this card, the Devil is named Deception – such a fitting name – and he’s bound himself to a treasure chest in greed while he manipulates the puppet strings to which a marionette named “Flee” is attached.  Beware of manipulation and deception this month, Capricorn.  In fact, do what Flee is doing – work toward “fleeing” or escaping from the demons of restrictions that are, in truth, self-imposed limitations.  In this imagery, we see Flee busy at work, cutting those strings to set himself free.  It’s not easy trying to dance around the Devil and free yourself from his clutches . . . but it can be done if you really want to liberate yourself.

The message here is from the marionette, Flee, who says, “You possess your own inner power to live a life that is healthy and productive.  Be aware of your impulses, and learn how to control them.  By facing your fears, you’ll find freedom and the power to choose your own pathway, with no strings attached.”  (page 14, Joie de Vivre LWB).  It’s all up to you, Capricorn!  Face your fears, your restrictions, and whatever you are unhealthily bound to.

AQUARIUS:  5 of Cups
This could be an emotionally draining time for you, Aquarius.  You could be dealing with a broken relationship, job loss or struggles, friendship issues, or some other kind of emotional upheaval or grief — or even some combination of these elements that all add up to a heavy sense of frustration and discontent.  With this energy, your feelings may be more easily hurt, confused, tangled, and depressed.  What appeared to be a stable and positive element in your life . . . has left you disappointed, letdown, and even broken hearted.

Despite the losses that could come with the appearance of this card, it is still important to be thankful for that which remains.  Even in the worst of situations, if you look hard enough, you will find something left that you can build on for the future.  Use that to start over and make a new beginning for yourself no matter what area of your life it’s in — whether it is work, relationships, family situations, financial issues . . . or anything.  It is said that there is no use “crying over spilled milk”, and this card would agree with that statement.  If you can’t get back what has been lost, then you need to work with what is left and move on.  Additionally, if you only look at a glass as being “half empty”, then you’ve failed to realize the importance and value of what is left.  Why not see it as being “half full”, with potential to use that and create something more from what remains?

Meet Wistful, the character in the card who mourns for three dying cup flowers to the point that he isn’t seeing the two vibrant ones right in front of him.  The message here is that “When things seem bleak, there’s always hope that something can be rescued from what is left, and built upon to make it greater than what was.  As new prospects arise, have faith that your needs can be met.  Unrealistic expectations result in disappointment. Accept the past and move onward with new energy as you begin to reconnect with the magical side of life.” (page 33, Joie de Vivre LWB)


PISCES:  3 of Cups
Life can be grand for you this month, Pisces!  In fact, you’ll probably have some reason to celebrate, whether it’s something small or big.  Either way, enjoy some time with friends and/or family.  This energy is filled with happiness, pleasures, and abundance.  It gives you reason to feel content with what you have and what is coming.

There is certainly a great sense of joy to be found in being surrounded by those you love, and knowing you are loved in return.  Often the best pleasure . . . is shared pleasure.  This card encourages you to find a reason to share a celebration with someone special this month — whether it’s a significant other, friends, or relatives.  Even if you have to settle for a small, every day sort of reason to get together, rejoice in the special treasures of love and friendship. It’s there for you, Pisces!

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the characters here in the 3 of Cups:  Gleam, Glitter, and Glow.  These beings are together in celebration of their many blessings and achievements.  They are encouraging, supporting, honoring, and celebrating one another – the very same thing that you can do, Pisces.  Their message for you is:  “All that you’ve put effort toward begins to flourish. Celebrate your life’s wellspring of nourishment with loved ones and friends.  Happiness and wellbeing bring forth feelings of vitality and replenishment.” (page 30, Joie de Vivre, LWB)

Many Blessings,

Velvet Angel


Here are the Tarot-Scopes by Sun Sign for the month of February.  For this feature, I am using traditional Western Sun signs of the zodiac, but if you’re curious what your Vedic Astrology Sun sign is, check out the Vedic Astrology Sun Signs page and compare.  If your Vedic Sun sign is different than your traditional Western sign, you might even see how both of the energies listed below could apply to you – or perhaps one may be more prominent for you than the other.

Keep in mind that a single card pulled for a given sign will not represent everything you experience during the month.  It is a significant theme of the month that you will probably see or relate to in one way or another. But it’s not the sum of the whole.  It is, however, one important aspect or theme that the Tarot wants to bring to the attention of each Sun Sign.

This month, I am using the Gilded Tarot Deck by Ciro Marchetti.  If you happen to be a fan of Ciro’s work, be sure to check out his upcoming Gilded Tarot – Royale, available this spring season!  I can hardly wait to get my hot little tarot hands on his new Tarot production.  The Gilded Tarot is amazing in itself, but you’ve got to check out what he’s doing with Gilded Royale – it’s even more vibrant and amazing, bringing the cards to life in ways you never would have imagined!  I look forward to that very special publication!

If you are a Ciro Marchetti fan, you can ask to be put on his list for when the Gilded Tarot Royale is available.  Just visit the Gilded Tarot – Royale link above, and email Ciro.


ARIES:  King of Cups
If you find yourself in need of some emotional support and encouragement this month, Aries, you will likely have just what you need from someone who truly cares and wants to help.  It is also possible that you may be the one called to be supportive to someone who needs you.  Either way, the energy here is all about love, caring, and compassion.  Whether you find yourself in the position of offering this caring support to another, or whether you are the receiver of this, everyone benefits.  Both the giver and the receiver of this act of caring will find reward.

This card can indicate a need to step outside of yourself and look closely at the needs of others.  Let your gentle nature take over, and allow sensitivity and empathy to be your guide.  Take your loved ones by the hand, and let them know you are there for them.  Perhaps you may need to lend a strong shoulder for someone to “cry” on . . . even if this tests your patience.

If you’ve been facing a disagreeable or negative emotional condition lately, the King of Cups indicates that such condition may be coming to an end!  This is good news.  Additionally, what you want or need could be closer to you than you had realized.  You may find what you need right “in your own back yard.”  This is a figure of speech which tells us that sometimes we don’t have to look all that far in order to find someone or something which makes us the happiest.


TAURUS:  Reversed Devil
This is a time in which you are facing reality, accepting responsibility, and discarding illusions that you once held to.  The Reversed Devil is about regaining your compassion and humanity.  You have regained sight of your moral and ethical values.  You are listening to and heeding the advice of your conscience and inner wisdom.  It’s a time of moving past troubles and finding a better way to live.

The Reversed Devil indicates a freedom from harmful bonds.  You are removing the “chains” that once bound you to something negative and perhaps even unhealthy in your life.  You may now be more willing and able to accept changes in your life as you take on new perspectives.  A burdensome commitment may be coming to end, Taurus, and you are now ready to break free of an oppressive situation.  This reversed energy represents the opportunity to bring about positive change in your life.  It’s a time where you can focus more clearly on the goals that are truly important to you.

Decisions can be made now.  Realize that indecisive behavior is a weakness.  It takes all your strength and drains you.  In order to move forward, you need to make a decision . . . otherwise, you could be left behind.  This is a time to show some spunk (in a positive way), assert your boundaries, show your true feelings, and respond with honesty.  There is nothing to be gained at this time by trying to be subtle or strategic.  Say it like it is, and take the right actions to make progress. Light is at the end of the tunnel now, as you gather the strength to bring yourself out of a period of stagnation or chaos.

GEMINI:  Reversed 3 of Cups
Friendships and relationships may be significant for you this month, Gemini.  You may find yourself surrounded by many loving and supportive friends where everyone participates on an emotional level and in an atmosphere of fun.  The Three of Cups is the growth of relationships of all kinds.  It’s about enjoyment, being exuberant, enjoying companionships, establishing bonds of loyalty and trust, asking for and receiving help if needed, and making some new friends.  It’s the best part of what parties, family gatherings, social clubs, company, and friendship are all about :-)

There is certainly a great sense of joy to be found in being surrounded by those you love, and knowing you are loved in return.  Often the best pleasure . . . is shared pleasure.  This card encourages you to find a reason to share a celebration with someone special this month, Gemini, whether it’s a significant other, friends, or relatives.  Even if you have to settle for a small, every day sort of reason to get together, rejoice in the special treasures of love and friendship.

If you are invited to a social event and can’t decide whether you really want to go or not . . . the Three of Cups encourages you to attend!  This card indicates that this is not a time to spend alone.  Be among friends and/or family.  Do something fun!  Life may hold many responsibilities and commitments, but it’s supposed to be fun, too!  Celebrate friendships and close companions.  You are richly rewarded with people who love you.


CANCER:  6 of Cups
This is a time where friendships, family ties, and children may bring much enjoyment.  You may enjoy pleasant memories from the past — especially those memories from childhood days.  Some of this happy nostalgia could come from time spent with your own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings . . . or even just reminiscing over photos from an old picture album.

The potential energy for you, Cancer, is abundant with a great sense of emotional contentment, happiness, and enthusiasm.  When you see a child’s eyes light up with a sparkle of enthusiasm and fun, it’s easy to share in that special joy and find a little bit of that childlike enthusiasm within yourself.  Children have such a remarkable way of bringing out that “kid” in us . . . the one we think we left behind so long ago.  Well that “kid” is still within us, if we only let him or her come out and play once in awhile :-)

You may find yourself feeling quite satisfied in the comfort of your friends and family.  And if there is something special going on in your life right now, this is a time for which someday you will likely look back on with fond memories.  If you’ve been putting off that picnic or special outing for “another time” . . . let the time be now.  Create some warm and fond memories to keep forever.  Spend some quality time with the kids and/or other family members.  Make this a time that means a lot to you and the ones you care about :-)


LEO:  4 of Wands
Good fortune, fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction are yours for the taking this month, Leo!  Your theme for this month is about celebrating what you have completed and accomplished so far.  This is a time to look back with satisfaction in what you have achieved.  There is likely much to be thankful for and to feel a sense of celebration for.  This card indicates peace and tranquility.  It can indicate refuge from the turmoils of life.  Better times are coming, ands improvement is at hand.

Life itself is a gift which holds both joys and challenges.  Even the small pleasures and triumphs you encounter deserve their special notice — at least as much recognition as you would give to the petty hassles and pet peeves which are annoying to you.  Life is a gift, filled each day with miracles and wonders.  Look around and see all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you.  It will help you appreciate all the miracles in your life — both the large and the small ones . . . all of them are important!  If you take time to notice them, you not only increase the quality and enjoyment of your life, you also greatly increase the energy you use to create more of the same kinds of experiences in the future.

Count your blessings this month, Leo.  Look around you.  Look inside of you.  Look at the good things.  With the Four of Wands energy at your side, you have reached a place of peace, harvest, prosperity, and reliable foundations in some area of your life.  You may have reached an important milestone in your personal journey, and this is a time to pause and enjoy the results, if not an actual celebration of your arrival and completion.  You may either be finishing something important that is proving to be successful with this energy, or there is evidence that you are well on your way, even if additional work is required to cross the finish line.  The end zone is certainly in sight, and you can see how your efforts are paying off.  This energy represents a time of happiness, reward, enjoyment, fruition, comfort, productivity . . . and even “happy endings.”


VIRGO:  Justice
This month may be one that is balanced with fairness, truth, honesty, and integrity.  If things have been unbalanced or chaotic in your world, Virgo, the appearance of Justice suggests that you may reach an equitable agreement or compromise on some issue of importance.  Decisions at this time should be made without prejudice, bias, or preconceptions.  Strive for harmony in your situations.  Put issues into their proper perspective, and be willing to listen to opposing points of view.  That doesn’t mean that you have to agree, but if you listen to the other side of an issue, they should also at least be willing to listen to your side so that some kind of mutual agreement or understanding can be reached.

If there are conflicts that arise, Justice encourages you to listen carefully to the arguments of all parties involved, maintain an emotionally detached manner, and weigh the alternatives carefully.  Try to arrive at equitable and mutually agreeable arrangements, taking the needs of others (as well as your own) into consideration.  Hear others out and respect their opinions — but stay mindful of what is negotiable and what’s not.  Help others when you can, but know the difference between interference and assistance.

Do what you know is the right thing.  Practice the golden rule . . . Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Stand up for yourself and for what you believe.  Have the courage of your convictions.  Strive to treat everyone fairly — yourself included — and the scales will always tip in your favor.  Truth and justice will prevail, whether karmic, moral, ethical, or legal, and you will get what you deserve or what you’ve earned.


LIBRA:  The Magician
The Magician offers you some powerful and inspiring thoughts to work with this month, Libra!  The focus now is on turning thoughts and ideas into reality.  You know what you want and why you want it . . . just like the Magician.  This card is about taking action and having the willpower to accomplish tasks with creativity, skill, organization, and focused attention.  This can certainly be a very productive month, as you have opportunity to get a lot accomplished!  And because this card is from the Major Arcana of the Tarot, it indicates that something important could present itself to open up new doors toward success in some area of your life.

This is a good time for making important decisions, especially since this may very well be a time of clear thinking for you.  You may be receiving new, better, or updated information in which to make those decisions.  Also, your good communication skills will help you effectively relate information to others.  You will be able to get your point across confidently and with the power to make your words heard and understood.

If you’re in a position where you feel you might not have everything you need to move forward with a plan or idea, you will want to re-think that . . . because with the Magician’s energy, you realize that you really do have what you need to proceed.  And if you don’t have it, you can likely find a way to improvise so that you can move ahead on something.  Whatever you do this month, Libra, know that your willpower can make things happen for you.  As the saying goes . . . “Where there is a will, there is a way!”


SCORPIO:  4 of Pentacles
This month’s theme is all about being practical and taking care of business, Scorpio.  There might not be much progress or accomplishment at this time.  It’s mostly a time to be practical, hold your ground, and keep things on an even keel as best you can.

Something you are working on could benefit from taking a second look, more preparation, or closer attention to detail.  The energy at this time can seem routine, mundane, and even dull.  But sometimes, those periods are as important as the fast-paced ones.

The Four of Pentacles can be an indication that you’ve become a “pack rat” of sorts, on both the mundane and emotional levels.  A creature of habit, you’re afraid to let go of anything.  You just keep hoarding things away and storing them up because you think you might need them later.  While there’s nothing wrong with being prepared, the time has come to simplify.  If you haven’t used something within the past year, get rid of it.  Toss out anything broken as well.  The same goes for dysfunctional relationships.  Even though these are bad for us, we often stay from force of habit.  A new season has dawned, and it’s time to turn over a new leaf.


SAGITTARIUS:  2 of Swords
You may be facing a tough decision, Sagittarius . . . one that requires you to put aside emotions — a task easier said than done!  If you don’t feel able to give yourself whole-heartedly one way or another towards a resolution or decision, know that what you need to do is to remove any outside distractions . . . so that you can get in touch with your own inner truth and make your own decisions.

You may be putting up barriers between yourself and others.  Internally, you may be blocking off emotions and refusing to feel them.  You may avoid looking at the truth and pretend that all is okay.  You think one way, but feel another.  Your head and heart may be at odds about something (or someone).

Perhaps you are not willing to accept some truth about yourself or the situation you are in.  What are you really feeling?  Are you resisting certain feelings for fear of getting hurt?  Are you angry even though you are smiling?  Is there something that you are refusing to look at?  It may be time for you to take off the blindfold and see the truth in a situation, whatever it might be.  A decision is necessary, and you need to consider the facts of the situation in order to arrive at a decision.

CAPRICORN:  Knight of Swords
The Knight of Swords is a card of change, and with this energy, it’s something you are ready for, Capricorn!  That great new idea . . . or that moment of welcome information and insight . . . will find new power and focus as you devise different ways of using what you’ve learned . . . or to expand on your original thoughts.  You may feel energized again, and this will be a welcome change for you.  You may just find yourself more than ready to push these new ideas and plans of yours . . . and it seems that you are being given a very fine chance to do it!

So get your thoughts organized, Capricorn.  And take action!  This won’t be a time to dwell on doubts and hesitation.  It’s also not a time to hope that someone else will do the job for you.  Situations may call on you to cut through fear and indecision . . . and go for what you believe in.  Be sure that you are willing to finish a project you’ve started before rushing off to a new one!

This can also be a time to define and defend your personal boundaries in some area.  You can more easily deal with conflicts that arise if you are firm about what you are willing to put up with and what you are not, what is acceptable in your life and what is not . . . and then stand up for your rights.  You have the power to do this, and you have the power to implement important changes in your life at this time.

AQUARIUS:  Judgement

This is a month for renewal, Aquarius.  Now you can clear away the debris of the past and begin again.  You are able to let go of something if you so desire, in whichever area of your life that you choose. Release unwanted ties to the past.  It’s a perfect time to forgive and forget.  So hear “the present” calling you . . . and allow yourself to start over and create new and better beginnings.

This energy shows a time of following your own judgment and seeing the consequences of your choices.  You are resolving doubts, answering questions, evaluating accomplishments — and being satisfied (or at least at peace) with what you find.  It shows a fateful time of critical decisions.  It shows you are judging the value or success of what you have done or what you have become — and being pleased with what you see.  It is, in a real sense, “Judgement Day” . . . as you prepare to release something major in your life and move in new directions.  But first, you acquire a vision of what you did right this time, as well as what you want to refine, do differently, or improve upon.

Progress occurs in increments. You build for a while. Then you assess what you’ve done, cut back in some areas, expand in others, abandon strategies that aren’t working, and experiment with new ones that might give better results. To pause and ponder is just as important as to push and produce.  In the quiet moments, you chart your course for the future.

PISCES:  9 of Wands

Even though you may have challenges in front of you at this time, Pisces, the Nine of Wands indicates that you will still be able to maintain your integrity and values.  And part of that will come through taking a more defensive stand and establishing boundaries.  It allows you to be cautious so that you can avoid being hurt in the way that you may have been in the past . . . but it doesn’t leave you paranoid and afraid.  You are actually stronger for the struggles you have endured and now you can use your past experiences to make better decisions in the present.

Patience is a part of the Nine of Wands, because it is better to bide your time and remain calm than to fly off the handle and risk losing out — especially when you’ve already come this far.  Although you may sometimes feel that you are standing alone against the world, and you may also feel stuck . . . the indication here is that you need to just wait things out.  If in doubt, do nothing for the time being.

Just when you think you have exhausted all your reserves of strength and you feel tired,  feeling that you can’t take any more . . . somewhere from within, you find that last resource of energy so that you can triumph against the odds.  Have faith in the resilience of your inner spirit!

Many Blessings,

Velvet Angel



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